Age Groups and Development


18 Months – Two Year Olds – Creative Kids believes two year olds develop cognitively when they have many opportunities to explore the world around them. Interacting with others as well as play contributes to their development. The Creative Curriculum for Toddlers and Twos gives our staff the basis for planning daily activities that are the key to the learning within our two year old room.

Three Year Olds – Three year olds are in transition. They have a newfound ability to express themselves in words and ideas. Three year olds often “test their boundaries” as they become more independent. Activities that support their constantly increasing language skills are important at this age. Creative Curriculum assists our staff in planning these activities.

Pre Kindergarten – This is an important year as children prepare for kindergarten. We utilize Creative Curriculum to help your children with the academics that are necessary for kindergarten readiness.  In addition, we focus on social and emotional development for your children and encourage independence through the use of self-help skills. Our staff for this age group has over eighteen years of experience in preparing children for Kindergarten.

School Agers – School age children are very busy people! Creative Kids provides transportation to and from all Ankeny public schools. After school each day, school agers are offered a healthy snack and can choose from a variety of fun, educational activities. During the summer and on school breaks, field trips and special projects are planned. We do have a quiet room for homework or reading upon the child or parent’s request.